Carlos SALDAHNA - Photo DR

16th May 2017

  Conversation With Carlos Saldanha 

An intimate meeting with the tremendously successful director, Carlos Saldanha for a "Conversation With" during the new Mifa Campus forum.

In an effort to meet the needs of animation students, professionals and experts, the Mifa has created the Mifa Campus, a whole new day of events.

Tuesday 13th June will be a very special day where badgeholders and students are invited to come and participate in different sessions aiming to show them the ropes of the sector and give them the opportunity to meet some animation greats.

Speaking of greats, Carlos Saldanha, the Brazilian producer/director acclaimed for the unforgettable Ice Age saga, Robots and Rio, will share his time with students, entry-level professionals and even experts who want to come hear his "Conversation With" in the Tente impériale at 9:00 am.

A regular at the Festival, Carlos already met up with festivalgoers when he held a Making of session for Rio 2 in 2014 and several of his films have been shown on the Pâquier and other screening events.

There’s no doubt that this successful creator will be dishing out some tasty pieces of advice to animation buffs hungry for ideas and inspiration!