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8th Jun 2017

  What Kind of Economy Exists for "Adult" Animated Features? 

In an industry dominated by films made for young viewers, what kind of a market exists for "adult" animated features?

European animation features for children do rather well at the box office. Although the market is saturated, the high quality of the films continues to draw in the crowds. But what about animation films for grown-ups? Come to the conference on Wednesday 14th June at 2 pm to find out more from speakers like Vanessa Ode (programme planner at Cap’Cinéma), Manuel Cristobal (producer at The Glow Animation Studio) and moderator Denis Walgenwitz (filmmaker and President of the French Animation Association).

Set up like a panel discussion, the conference will examine the potential success of animated features for a more mature audience. The latest projects that have taken on this feat will be used as examples, from their financing strategies to distribution obstacles, as well as the support they received throughout the whole process.

Check out our page on the event for more information