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9th Jun 2017

  International Co-Production for Animated Short Films 

Come along to find out what our speakers have to say about the rise in short film co-productions.

The Festival invites you to come along to a conference focused on the increase in short film co-productions on Thursday 15th June at 2:00 pm.

Talking about this newsworthy subject will be Jean-François Le Corre, producer at Vivement Lundi !, Nicolas Burlet, producer at Nadasdy Film and Guadalupe Arensburg, Head of short film acquisitions at Movistar+. The growing number of co-productions, especially in Europe, has opened numerous doors for production companies, giving them possibilities of long-lasting work partnerships. Other issues up for debate will be co-financing, the effect this has on creatives and development prospects in new territories, as well as reflection by these visiting specialists on such questions concerning today’s new co-production challenges and setting up a permanent network.

Check out the webpage for more info.