Expositions - Photo : L. Gouttenoire/CITIA

17th Jun 2017

  The Exhibitions Continue! 

Many of the exhibitions are still open, they’re a great opportunity to extend Annecy 2017 a bit more!

The Annecy Festival isn’t completely over, you can still get your fill of animation culture by wandering through several exhibitions that were set up all over town.

Although some of them bowed out at the same time as the rest of the festivities, many others are sticking around through the summer, or even until the end of the year. So go ahead and sneak behind the scenes of the hit animation series Once Upon a Time… Life to take a stroll through evolution with Maestro, or discover China’s animation industry, René Laloux’s work or the secrets that hide within Sacrebleu Productions.

Check out our programme to learn more about the exhibitions that are still open to visitors and soak up some more animation knowledge!