14th Sep 2017

  European Animation Plan 

The animation sector has teamed up in order to find out the key objectives that will unleash the potential of European animation.

Creative Europe, mandated by the European Commission, through the management of the MEDIA programme, has been entrusted to implement a plan in favour of European animation, with the support of, inter alia, the Annecy International Animation Film Market, the Cartoon Forum and the Cartoon Movie.

In June 2017, the Mifa had welcomed a bunch of well-known figures in the field in order to discuss that development plan for European animation. This week, a press conference was held during the Cartoon Forum in Toulouse to announce the key objectives to unleash the potential of the sector.

The Animation Plan aims at:

  • Fostering the global reach and appeal of EU animation;
  • Making Europe a great place to work for European talent and talent from abroad;
  • Making access to finance easier.

More information about the European Animation Plan