18th Oct 2017

  Exhibition: La Joie 

Discover the unique experience of the innovative "La Joie" show, in AR (augmented reality), in the heart of the Papeteries – Image Factory, from October 15 to November 03.

The MNSTR communications and marketing agency partnered with 12 talented artists from different domains to design "La Joie", a highly atypical production. Now after its initial showing during the Annecy International Animation Film Festival, CITIA is again letting you come try it out, at the Papeteries – Image Factory

What’s so special about "La Joie" is that it’s an AR or augmented reality exhibition. The artists’ showcased works, in reality simple realizations, take on a life of their own in AR, thanks to a specially-dedicated mobile app. Pick up your smartphones or tablets, download the app (Appstore or GooglePlay) and "La Joie" will draw you into a singular world of exclusive art where you’ll wend your way between paper and screen, stills and animation.

Photographers, illustrators, graphic artists, typographers… you’ll discover no fewer than 12 artists in this event: Playground Paris, Kashink, Tyrsa, Nicolas Barrome, Romain Laurent, Charlotte Smith, Valentine Reinhardt, Swindler & Swindler, Emmanuel Cossu, Jon Burgerman, ELMØ and Brokovich.

The time and place: Sunday Oct. 15, 14 to 17, and from Monday Oct. 16 to Friday Nov. 03, 9 to 5 (from Monday to Friday), at the Papeteries – Image Factory in Cran-Gevrier. Come to experience something quite out of the ordinary.