Carte de vœux 2018 © École des Nouvelles Images

10th Jan 2018

  Happy New Year! 

The whole CITIA team, who organises the Annecy International Animation Film, Mifa and the Forum Blanc, wishes you an exceptional year 2018!

Heartfelt thanks to the students at the École des Nouvelles Images who created this animated greeting card for CITIA.

Take a look at three other greeting cards these students produced for the same occasion.

  Watch the videos

L’École des Nouvelles Images

The École des Nouvelles Images in Avignon provides superior training courses. On the 5-year course students learn about all the various animation and CGI professions.

It is an ambitious project that is run by an experienced team, established professionals and parents of dedicated students. By tackling CGI, as if learning a new language, graphically, narratively, experimentally and technologically, the École des Nouvelles Images cultivates a global approach to this new art, enabling students to have access to all the career opportunities that it generates.

The greeting cards are produced by the third-year students. This team exercise forms their first creation of the year (using an open choice of techniques). Then during the second trimester an individual 3D filming exercise is organized.

Starting from the script to the cinema theatre, each student establishes his or her expertise by experiencing all of the 3D production stages. Intense and formative, the École des Nouvelles Images reveals each individual’s personality and places them face-to-face with the realities of the professional world.