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16th Feb 2018

  The death of Inni Karine Melbye 

It is with great sadness that the management of Annecy International Film Festival have learned of the death of Inni Karine Melbye, who was a passionate animation artist and dedicated supporter of the Festival for many years.

She described herself in these words:

"Inni Karine Melbye. I was born in the year of Snow White, in Oslo, Norway and of course the first animated film I admired was "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs". I was educated in Copenhagen, Denmark in Graphic Art and Design. My first job was with Norwegian Television, NRK, where I worked in the first TV graphic design unit, back in 1963. I studied engraving and etching for two years at Atelier 17 in Paris, as well as at the Sorbonne, where I learned to cope with French language and culture, I became a – Francophile – for life.

I came to Canada in 1966, where I was a designer in the graphic arts section at The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, Montreal for eleven years. It was a great inspiration for me to be educated in animation for television by Hubert Tison, who directed the design section for Animated spots and interludes for the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation in the seventies. 1970 marked a turning point for my interest animation. I saw the Beatles production "Yellow Submarine" and realized that animation would become my cup of tea!

At the Annecy Film Festival in 1975, I was asked by John Halas to join the Asifa Board. It was Woman’s Year and as a result I became the second woman to enter this exclusive men’s Club of animation. In 1976, Asifa-Canada brought for the first time, the international world of animation to Canada. It was a fantastic festival attracting prominent guests such as Alexandre Alexeieff, Lotte Reiniger, Norman McLaren to our very first Asifa workshop in North-America.

I came back to Europe and became a post-graduate student at the London School of Art and Design. The animation department was directed by a master in British animation, Bob Privett. I was invited to Atelier aaa in Annecy, to participate in a workshop directed by Nicole Salomon. This was my very first experience in teaching filmmaking to children. The experience encouraged me to organize film-workshops in Scandinavian countries. In Odense one hundred children participated in the making of moving fantasy.

During the last few years as a freelance designer and filmmaker, I have worked in France on Michel Ocelot’s film production "Ciné Si". I really appreciate the cooperation involved on account of its quality and craftmanship. I have designed and directed one film and a series of animated interludes for television in Scandinavia. In my opinion the art of animation has two main pillars: passion and patience."