Annecy 2018 – Illustration : Pascal Blanchet

27th Feb 2018

  Annecy 2018 unveiled! 

The visual design of the next International Animation Film Festival and Market is revealed as being the creation of Pascal Blanchet.

The Quebecois self-taught illustrator and graphic novel artist, awarded numerous prizes for his work, has been chosen to design the official poster for this year’s International Animation Film Festival and Market.

His graphic style can be recognised in the poster, which borrows themes and colours from Brazil, honoured this year at the Festival.

"Creating the Annecy poster is a superb opportunity, even more so as it evokes the classic travel posters and seaside resorts of the 1930s.
Everything was in place, with the superb lake, the spectacular mountains and the all-white Imperial Palace.
This poster is an immense honour for me.
Pascal Blanchet

Pascal Blanchet is – in his words – "a Quebecois illustrator, poster designer and author of graphic novels living among the polar bears in Montreal". He has worked for The New Yorker, Wes Anderson and Pierre Lapointe among many others, and is currently directing a short animated film with the National Film Board of Canada.

 See the poster