Photo : F. Blin/CITIA

28th May 2018

  Anima-J 2018 Programme 

Giving students a taste of what animation has to offer with the Anima-J 2018 programme and awarding the Schools Prize and the Colleges Prize!

Engaged to its commitment to promote image-related education, for the past few years, CITIA has been giving students in Haute-Savoie the chance to discover a multitude of animation films.

Once again this year, a jury of teachers carefully selected short films from the Annecy Festival’s Official Selection 2018 to make up four programmes.

In partnership with the Directorate of Cultural Affairs from the Haute-Savoie departmental board, the Directorate of the Ministry of Education’s departmental services and local cinema operators, CITIA invites students from kindergarten to middle school to come and discover the wonders that the animation industry beholds, and who knows, perhaps even inspire some future animators.

After the screenings, each class will vote to elect the winner of the Schools Prize and the Colleges Prize.

Teachers, check out the Anima-J 2018 programme and download the registration form to sign your class up.