Projection / Screening La Jeune Fille sans mains – Photo : D. Bouchet/CITIA

1st Jun 2018

  Films shortlisted for the André-Martin Award 

Discover the feature films and short films competing for the Andre-Martin Award!

On the initiative of the journalist and film critic Francis Gavelle, the André-Martin Award was created jointly in 2015 with CITIA and the AFCA (Association française du cinéma d’animation), as a way of paying tribute to André Martin, also a film critic, animated film director and one of the founding members of Jica.

Awarded by a jury of professionals, it honours a French animated feature film and short film.

This year, the films that have been shortlisted for the award are:

Feature films

  • Tall Tales from the Magical Garden of Antoon Krings by Antoon Krings and Arnaud Bouron
  • The Big Bad Fox and Other Tales by Benjamin Renner and Patrick Imbert
  • The Jungle Bunch by David Alaux
  • Sahara by Pierre Coré
  • Zombillenium by Arthur de Pins and Alexis Ducord

Short films

  • Aérobie by Bastien Dupriez
  • Augur by David Doutel and Vasco Sá
  • An Excavation of Us by Shirley Bruno
  • Cyclists by Veljko Popovic
  • Cadavre exquis by Stéphanie Lansaque and François Leroy
  • This Magnificent Cake! by Marc James Roels and Emma De Swaef
  • Egg by Martina Scarpelli
  • Étreintes by Justine Vuylsteker
  • (Fool Time) Job by Gilles Cuvelier
  • Guaxuma by Nara Normande
  • Clemence’s Afternoon by Lénaïg Le Moigne
  • La Chute by Boris Labbé
  • The Death, Dad & Son by Winshluss and Denis Walgenwitz
  • La Nuit des sacs plastiques by Gabriel Harel
  • The Cat’s Regret by Alain Gagnol and Jean-Loup Felicioli
  • The Tasmanian Tiger by Vergine Keaton
  • Love He Said by Inès Sedan
  • Raymonde or the Vertical Escape by Sarah Van Den Boom
  • Sahara Palace by Zélie Durand
  • Vibrato by Sébastien Laudenbach

Come along on 15th June to the Special Prizes presentation ceremony in order to find out what will succeed the feature film La Jeune Fille sans mains by Sébastien Laudenbach and the short film Nothing Happens by Michelle Kranot and Uri Kranot, both of which were the 2017 prizewinners, as the recipient of the André-Martin Award.