19th Jun 2018

  2018 prizewinners at the Forum des images 

The Forum des images is offering you a catch-up screening on 27th and 28th June in Paris, in which the Annecy 2018 prizewinning films will be screened.

In partnership with the Agence du court métrage, the Forum des images is this year once again screening the Annecy Festival prizewinning films. For those who would like to see the prizewinning films for the first time, or even once again, see you on 27th and 28th June for four screenings.

  • Wednesday 27th June at 7:00 pm: Prizewinning short films (1st part)
  • Wednesday 27th June at 9:00 pm: Carte blanche given to the Agence du court métrage
  • Thursday 28th June at 5:00 pm: Prizewinning short films (2nd part)
  • Thursday 28th June at 9:00 pm: Prizewinning feature film

All the screenings will be held in salle 300.

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