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Annecy 2018 – Illustration : Pascal Blanchet

2nd Oct 2018

  Annecy across the world! 

The Annecy Festival is travelling the world with its "Best of Annecy 2018" and "Best of Annecy Kids 2018" programme. Follow the guide!

The Annecy Festival takes to the road on a journey to discover the best of animation with two programmes from its 2018 edition:

  • Best of Annecy 2018, that gathers together a selection of short films from the last edition and a trailer from the students GOBELINS, l’école de l’image.
    Check out the programme
  • Best of Annecy Kids 2018, a mixture of funny and emotional short films for children from Annecy 2018’s official selection and trailers.
    Check out the programme

Do you want to join the journey? Pull out your calendar, here are some of the countries that will be diffused:

To know if the events in question are screening a "Best of" and/or an "Annecy Kids", and to know the days and times of their diffusion, please check their respective websites and be there!

If you are an association, festival, cultural institution or any other structure with a screening room, you can also order one of the two programmes!