Meet the... – Photo : F. Blin/CITIA

29th Apr 2019

  Meet the Festival Programmers & Meet the Composers 

Festival programmers, film institute representatives, directors and composers. Rendezvous on 11th June 2019 at the Mifa for two sessions of discussions between professionals.

Meet the Festival Programmers – 11:30 am
Launched in 2015, "Meet the Festival Programmers" will once again be a part of the Annecy International Animation Film Market this year.

What’s the aim? To promote the distribution of productions from emerging countries alongside those countries that are already well established on the international animation scene. A unique opportunity for dozens of festival programmers and film institute representatives to meet in rapid-fire exchanges in the style of speed dating.

Meet the Composers – 4:30 pm
"Meet the Composers" would see the light of day last year, whilst music was one of the themes in the Festival’s spotlight. Once again in partnership with the Sacem, this event will be back again this year at the Mifa!

It can be a complicated business for animation professionals to meet the composer who would know how to put their creations to music – and why not the other way around –, "Meet the Composers" is an invitation to share ideas and encourage artistic collaborations. The perfect opportunity to break down barriers and boundaries between music professionals and animation.

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