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29th May 2019

  Shoot the Book Anim’: 2019 selection 

Discover the 9 books selected to be pitched for the second edition of Shoot the Book Anim’: Meet the Publishers, at Mifa!

To encourage book-to-animation film adaptations, the Shoot the Book Anim’: Meet the Publishers pitch sessions are back at the International Animation Film Market for the second year in a row, in partnership with SCELF.

Among the projects entered, 6 French books were selected to be pitched on Wednesday 12th June at Mifa:

  1. Anuki, Maupomé and Sénégas, Éditions de la Gouttière
  2. The Mini-heroes of the Forest, Bénédicte Rivière and Dan Taylor, Éditions Auzou
  3. My Crazy Guinea Pig, Christine Roussey, Éditions de La Martinière Jeunesse
  4. In Her Majesty Death’s Service, Julien Hervieux, Éditions Bragelonne (Castelmore)
  5. The Land of Kangaroos, Gilles Paris, Éditions du Seuil
  6. Tales of the Alarm Clock, Michel Bussi and Éric Puybaret, Éditions Delcourt Littérature

In addition, 3 other books from around the world were selected:

  • L'Incroyable Histoire du mouton qui sauva une école, written by Thomas Gerbeaux and Pauline Kerleroux, Éditions La Joie de Lire (Switzerland)
  • The Adventures of Radisson, Martin Fournier, Éditions du Septentrion (Canada)
  • Go Away, Ultramarine, Yutaka Kono and Koshijima, Schinchosha Publishing Co (Japan)

Congratulations to the authors of the books selected and see you at Mifa on 12th June at 11:00 am for the second edition of Shoot the Book Anim’: Meet the Publishers.