Jean-François Laguionie - Photo : D. Bouchet/CITIA

5th Jun 2019

  An Honorary Cristal for Jean-François Laguionie 

This year the Annecy International Animation Film Festival will bestow its Honorary Cristal on the French director Jean-François Laguionie.

Isao Takahata, Florence Miailhe, Brad Bird… The list of great names in animation receiving the Annecy Festival’s Honorary Cristal continues to flourish. For this 2019 edition, it is Jean-François Laguionie who will see his work and contribution to animated film honored, and who will be at Annecy to present his latest feature film at a Screening Event.


Introduced to animation by Paul Grimault, whose workshop he shared for ten years, Jean-François Laguionie launched his career with a promising future ahead of him. This was confirmed by his first short films that he directed, including Rowing Across the Atlantic, that would receive the Palme d’or at Cannes in 1978. Since Gwen, the Book of Sand, his first feature film made in 1985, the filmmaker has continued to delight us, with Black Mor’s Island, Louise, and A Monkey’s Tale.

Awarded the Grand prix in 1965 for The Young Lady and the Cellist, best feature film award at the Los Angeles Animation Festival in 1990, for Gwen, the Book of Sand, jury member in 1967, and a regular attraction in the Festival programming, Jean-François Laguionie returns this year with The Prince’s Voyage, co-directed by Xavier Picard. The perfect opportunity to pay tribute to his long and rich career by awarding him the Honorary Cristal.