Dimitri Granovsky © Les Éditions Granovsky

10th Jun 2019

  Dimitry Granovsky Joins the Jury 

Dimitry Granovsky, a Festival regular, joins the Short Films’ jury for Annecy 2019.

Dimitri Granovsky will be alongside Isabela Plucińska and Koji Yamamura as jury member for the Short Films Annecy 2019.

His primary passion for communication, art, cinema and technologies has over the years drawn him to animation. He was Deputy Director of the École Georges-Méliès, he also taught animation film history and film analysis, was President of the RECA (a network of French animation schools) and moderator for the Work in Progress sessions at the Annecy Festival.

Currently he devotes his time to film animation book publications, with his latest publication Athleticus that he will be signing during the Festival.

As Camélia Jordana was forced to cancel her presence, he will be taking a seat on the jury’s team.