13th Jun 2020

  2020 Special Programmes 

The Annecy 2020 Online will be offering Special Programmes, redesigned to adapt to this unique online edition.

Every year the Special Programmes play an important role in the Annecy Festival screenings. With the Annecy Online edition presented from 15th to 30th June 2020, this content has been reviewed to be able to include the Festival offer.

On the programme:

  • WTF2020: find the now classic, and no less outrageous WTF2020. 14 films from all walks of life, "films are stripped bare, uninhibited and free. A genuine breath of fresh air in a world full of savages", said Sébastien Sperer the programme organiser!
  • Best of Annecy 2019: a look back at the 2019 programme "Best of Annecy 2019" to discover a concentrated version of the best of animation screened during the last Annecy Festival edition.
  • Best of Annecy Kids 2019: funny, touching and poetic short films from the 2019 Official Selection, to enthrall the youngest audience from the tender age of 6.
  • Zero Impunity: a feature film in the 2019 Contrechamp competition category, is part of a transmedia project combining investigative and activist journalism, aiming to put an end to the seemingly total impunity for sexual violence in current armed conflicts by presenting victims from around the world who had the courage to break the silence and be sources of inspiration. Join the movement!
  • Mosley: a feature film where you will follow the story of curious creatures known by the name "Thoriphants", who revolt against their life of slavery and set out on a perilous journey in search of the mysterious city Uprights.

All these Special programmes can be enjoyed on the Annecy 2020 Online platform from 15th to 30th June 2020. 

Get your Festival offer accreditation for only 15 EUR and discover them, as well as the entire Official Selection!