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Women in Animation

17th Jun 2020

  Women in Animation Carte Blanche 

The WOMEN IN ANIMATION virtual summit at Annecy presents the theme of "Reimagining the Future: Race, Solidarity and the Culture of Work."

This year’s Summit covers two world-shaking topics – the pandemic and the recently reinvigorated global call for social justice – and their momentous effects on the animation industry.

Programme Overview:
Black Women In Animation: Looking to the Future
Intersectionality and Solidarity
Producing in a Rapidly Changing World
Artists Creating from Home: A Series of Home Studio Visits

Jade Branion (Writer), Camille Eden (VP of Animation Recruitment and Talent Development, Nickelodeon Animation Studio), Misan Sagay (Screenwriter, Netflix), Karen Rupert Toliver (Executive VP of Creative, Sony Pictures Animation), Julie Ann Crommett (VP, Multicultural Strategies, Walt Disney Studios; Secretary of WIA), Erika Dapkewicz (Lead Editor, Sony Pictures Animation), Shari B Ellis (Production Manager, Gaumont Animation), Kaitlyn Yang (Founder, Alpha Studios), Rita Mbanga (Producer, Sandcastle Studios/Sunrise Productions), Carina Schulze (Chatrone Partner; Exec Prod/Writer), Osnat Shurer (Producer, Walt Disney Animation Studios), Christina Lee Storm (Founder, Asher XR), Niki Lopez (Creator & Co-Exec Prod, Nickelodeon), among others.
Available from Wednesday 17th June on the Annecy Online video platform

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