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Quino / Annecy Festival 2006 - Photo : Farid Sedik

2nd Oct 2020

Quino has died 

Quino, the Argentinian scriptwriter and comic book author, known for his character Mafalda, died on 30th September.

Mafalda, a famous satirical comic-strip character, is now an orphan. Her creator Joaquín Salvador Lavado Tejón, better known as Quino, Argentinian comic book author (scriptwriter and artist) died this Wednesday 30th September at the age of 88.

Quino / Annecy Festival 2006

From the age of three Quino discovered a passion and vocation for drawing thanks to his uncle, Joaquín Tejón, a painter and commercial artist. After a spell at the Mendoza Fine Arts School he gave up his studies to devote himself to drawing satirical cartoons and threw himself into wordless comics.

In 1962 he created a character called Mafalda, a cheeky young middle-class heroine who rebels against the adult world, and will influence all generations to come. From 1964 to 1973, Quino will express his personal opinions on his era and the Argentine dictatorship through his fictional character, which will subsequently be adapted into an animated series.

Quino was awarded the Legion of Honour for his 60 years of drawing, and an extraordinary fact, Mafalda, was also awarded this Legion of Honour, a first ever for a comic-strip character.

The Annecy International Animation Film Festival were fortunate to welcome Quino in 2006 for an exhibition dedicated to his favourite character.

Quino / Annecy Festival 2006