29th Jun 2012

  Anima-J: results of the public vote 

The cycle 2 school prize for 2012 was awarded to Ernesto by Corinne Ladeinde, Great Britain and Friendsheep by Jaime Maestro, Spain for the cycle 3. The college prize also went to Jaime Maestro's film Friendsheep.

Over a hundred classes participated in the vote for the Anima-J prize, which is awarded to short films in competition at the International Animation Film Festival.

Since 2011, these screenings have taken place throughout Haute-Savoie, thanks to support from independent theatres in the region, the Office départemental d'action culturelle de la Haute-Savoie (Odac) and in partnership with the direction des services départementaux de l’Éducation nationale.

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