- D. Bouchet/CITIA

18th Dec 2012

  Sign up for the Calls for Projects 2013 before 15th January 2013! 

You can register online at annecy.org for the Creative Focus 2013 Calls for Projects up to 15th January 2013. Choose from the four categories: short films, feature films, TV series and specials, and cross-media (GMCmifa).

Submit your project

The Call for Projects are four days during Festival week set aside for the presentations of projects in development to professionals attending the International Animation Film Market (Mifa), to affiliate partners and funders.

Partner monetary prizes are awarded to selected projects in each category: short films, feature films, TV series and specials and cross-media.

Dates to remember:

  • 5th November 2012: registration opens
  • 15th January 2013: deadline for paperwork (documents + PDF on CD or DVD)
  • Mid-April 2013: results of selected projects
  • From 11th to 14th June 2013: presentation of projects and award ceremonies

New this year:

  • online registration
  • earlier registration from 5th November 2012 leading to the deadline for submissions: 15th January 2013.

Being selected at the Call for Projects means:

  • follow up and help from the Festival team and experts from the world of animation: Dominique Poussier (Project development advisor, DP consulting) and Jean-Paul Commin (producer, Les Armateurs) to prepare the project presentation
  • free Mifa accreditation
  • the possibility to present your project and be noticed by funders and partners
  • the possibility to get funding for the project by receiving a prize

Annecy is a great springboard for getting your project noticed. Read about the projects that have become films after their passage at the Call for Projects.

All projects received can be consulted on interactive terminals by professionals during the week of the Festival.

A few figures

The Call for Projects receives upwards of 280 projects. Around 20 are selected (5 or 6 per category) and there are 12 prizes.