Visuel marathon professionnel - Benoît Chieux

15th Jan 2014

  Take part in a professional marathon on digital tablets 

A professional marathon on digital tablets has been launched for the Festival d’un Jour.

The Festival d’un Jour, organised by the Cartoucherie cluster in Rhône-Alpes and taking place from 17th to 22nd March 2014, is hosting a professional marathon on digital tablets.

12 selected participants will have 3 and a half days to create an animated sequence set to an original musical soundtrack composed by festival special guest Christophe Heral and using the McLaren Workshop app created by the National Film Board of Canada.

The finished sequences will be shown at the closing ceremony of the Festival d’un Jour and promoted during an interview session at a professional meeting.

Registration before 31st January 2014 by contacting Léa Clémençon on 04 75 78 48 67 or

For more info, check out the L’Équipée site or download the brochure