27th Feb 2014

  Franck Dion signs the 2014 poster 

The Annecy Festival called on a well-known animation artist Franck Dion to create the 2014 poster.

Celebrated filmmaker, producer and illustrator, Franck Dion has participated many times in Annecy's Festival, especially in 2012 when he was recognised for the Special Jury Award for his film Edmond Was a Donkey. It seemed very fitting that the Festival asked him to design the poster for this new edition.

"I feel that the strength and unique quality of his graphic world, combined with his deep knowledge of our event, puts him in the perfect position to transpose the cheerful atmosphere of the Festival into his own style and the enchanting setting of Annecy", explains Marcel Jean, Artistic Director of the Festival.

While making the poster, Franck Dion had wanted to pay tribute to stop-motion animation, the technique highlighted this year and used for his first film, Phantom Inventory, which won the Junior Jury Award at the Festival in 2004.

Regarding his choice of the Capricorn, Frank Dion justified as follows, "It's the layout of Annecy, situated between lake and mountains, that inspired the idea of the Capricorn, this fabulous half goat, half fish animal that originates in ancient Mesopotamia where it was considered, by those that imagined it, as a sort of guardian spirit.

One way of putting Annecy 2014 under the best possible auspices."

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