Mifa Expert Insights

Mifa Expert Insights

During the Mifa, a team ventured out to meet with professionals and ask them about their presence at the market and the current state of the animation industry. >>> more info

Conférence : Réalité virtuelle en production / Virtual Reality in Production

Virtual Reality in Production

Check out the video of the ‘Virtual Reality in Production’ conference held during the Annecy 2017 Meetings. >>> more info

P’tits Dej du court avec Niki Lindroth Von Bahr, pour 'Min Börda' / Shorts & Breakfast with Niki Lindroth Von Bahr, for Min Börda

The secrets of prize-winning short films!

Discover the interviews of Annecy 2017 prize-winning short film directors, recorded during the Festival’s Shorts & Breakfast meets. >>> more info

Captation Leçon de cinéma : L’art de raconter, de la BD à l’animé

The art of storytelling, from comics to anime

Lewis Trondheim, Guy Delisle and Arthur de Pins led a Masterclass at the Annecy Festival on the ties between comics and animation. >>> more info


The students had their say, through Anima-J!

'Gokurōsama' took both the 2017 Schools and Colleges Prizes, within the Anima-J program. >>> more info