International Co-Production for Animated Short Films

Come along to find out what our speakers have to say about the rise in short film co-productions. >>> more info


What Kind of Economy Exists for "Adult" Animated Features?

In an industry dominated by films made for young viewers, what kind of a market exists for "adult" animated features? >>> more info

Conférence - Photo : D. Bouchet/CITIA

"From Playing to Watching" Conference

Develop your toy or video game brand thanks to our experts! >>> more info

Ant-Man ©2017 MARVEL

Ugo Bienvenu and Kevin Manach Present Ant-Man

Participate in the WIP TV about the Ant-Man series with the young and talented French animating duo. >>> more info

Robert Valley - Photo : DR

Masterclass with Robert Valley

Come and hear from Canada’s animation prodigy and faithful Gorillaz collaborator, Robert Valley. >>> more info

Work in Progress with 'Zero Impunity'

Meet the creators of "Zero Impunity", a compelling transmedia project. >>> more info

Glen Keane

Meeting with Glen Keane

Take a look back over some of the milestones in animation master Glen Keane’s career at his Keynote speech. >>> more info

Joann SFAR

Meet up with Joann Sfar

Catch up with Joann Sfar at the Work in Progress session for "Little Vampire". >>> more info