Affiches Annecy - CITIA

2014 Poster

The Annecy International Animation Film Festival has decided to call on a well known personality from the world of animation to create its poster for 2014.

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Conférences Annecy 2013 - E. Perdu/CITIA

Conference summaries online

Check out the summaries of the conferences presented this year at Annecy 2013.

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Dji. Death Fails - SIMPALS, Dmitri VOLOSHIN

Schools and colleges prizes: find out who the kids voted for

Check out the winners of the schools and colleges prizes for Anima-J 2013, where around one hundred classes voted for their favourite films.

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Mot de Marcel Jean - Annecy 2013 - D. Bouchet/CITIA

Marcel Jean’s closing words

While this year's Festival is coming to an end, leaving behind it a batch of unforgettable films and meetings. While each and all are getting ready to head back home richer for this great shared experience. Here we are already making preparations for next year, taking advantage of the energy imparted by you all.

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Mifa 2013 - G. Piel/CITIA

International Animation Film Market report

The unmissable event for the industry of animation, the Mifa welcomed 2,400 delegates, including 1,100 companies and 340 buyers, distributors and investors, from 63 countries.

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 - G. Piel/CITIA

International Animation Film Festival Prize Winners

Discover the Annecy 2013 prizewinning films.

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Annecy 2013

Annecy 2013 Replay

Go back over to the best moments of the Festival and Mifa with Annecy 2013 Replay

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Quotidien en ligne 2013

Daily newsletter

Every morning, check out the Daily Newsletter highlighting key moments from the Festival

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