Arte’s Court-circuit Annecy Special

Every year, Arte dedicates one of its Court-circuit episodes to the Annecy Festival. Check it out on 14/6! >>> more info

Ant-Man ©2017 MARVEL

Ugo Bienvenu and Kevin Manach Present Ant-Man

Participate in the WIP TV about the Ant-Man series with the young and talented French animating duo. >>> more info

Laurent Valière - Photo : Radio France / Christophe Abramowitz

Laurent Valière: Short Film Jury

Laurent Valière, journalist and producer at Radio France, will join the jury for short films at the Annecy Festival 2017. >>> more info

Épouses et concubines

"Raise the Red Lantern": An Arte Exclusive

Arte is giving you an exclusive invitation to watch "Raise the Red Lantern", the channel’s latest "Short Cuts" show. >>> more info

Robert Valley - Photo : DR

Masterclass with Robert Valley

Come and hear from Canada’s animation prodigy and faithful Gorillaz collaborator, Robert Valley. >>> more info