We are currently working on our proposal for the Annecy Festival and Mifa 2021 edition, to ensure that it is correctly adapted to measures that apply to our industry’s sector, and for our participants’ safety. More info coming soon!

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  • A Boy I Never Knew

    A Boy I Never Knew

    Directed by: Daria DEDOK

    Country: Belarus, Czech Republic

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  • Amayi


    Directed by: Subarna DAS

    Country: India

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  • Chasse Galerite

    Chasse Galerite

    Directed by: Brian HAWKINS

    Country: USA

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  • Clara with a Mustache

    Clara with a Mustache

    Directed by: Ilir BLAKCORI

    Country: Kosovo

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  • Congregation


    Directed by: Nick SIMPSON

    Country: Australia

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  • Divare Chaharom

    Divare Chaharom

    Directed by: Mahboobeh KALAEE

    Country: Iran

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  • Fainanın sirri

    Fainanın sirri

    Directed by: Durna SAFAROVA

    Country: Azerbaijan

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  • I am Chuma

    I am Chuma

    Directed by: Wendy SPINKS, Clea MALLINSON

    Country: South Africa

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  • La copia feliz del edén

    La copia feliz del edén

    Directed by: Samuel RESTUCCI, Emilio ROMERO

    Country: Chile

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  • La prima cosa

    La prima cosa

    Directed by: Shira UKRAINITZ, Omar RAZZAK

    Country: Spain, France

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  • Llueve


    Directed by: Carolina CORRAL, Magali ROCHA DONNADIEU

    Country: Mexico

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  • Lolos


    Directed by: Marie VALADE

    Country: Canada

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  • Magutny Bozha - Prayer for Belarus

    Magutny Bozha - Prayer for Belarus

    Directed by: Yulia RUDITSKAYA

    Country: Belarus

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  • Malumore


    Directed by: Loris Giuseppe NESE

    Country: Italy

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  • Mitovebuli Sofeli

    Mitovebuli Sofeli

    Directed by: Mariam KAPANADZE

    Country: Georgia

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  • Play the Game

    Play the Game

    Directed by: Sandra MOUNIR

    Country: Egypt

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  • Quarantine


    Directed by: Ivan ANDREEVSKI

    Country: Macedonia

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  • Room 5

    Room 5

    Directed by: Francis Yushau BROWN

    Country: Ghana

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  • Swipe


    Directed by: Arafat MAZHAR

    Country: Pakistan

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  • Tamgù


    Directed by: Isabel LOYER, Luis PARIS

    Country: Argentina, France

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  • Wochenbett


    Directed by: Henriette RIETZ

    Country: Germany

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  • Y'a bon ?

    Y'a bon ?

    Directed by: Marc FAYE

    Country: France

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