Splendida Moarte Accident
The Blissful Accidental Death

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A man finds a drawing in an antique shop with a secret love letter from 70 years ago on the back. He takes an unusual journey to meet the author who has lived through some important events during the past century.

The film

  • Film identity

    Original title: Splendida Moarte Accident

    Directed by: Sergiu NEGULICI

    As a child, Sergiu Negulici was always drawing and his parents took him seriously. While studying Sculpture at National University of Arts Bucharest, he started working in the first post-production studio in post '89 Romania, where he became part of the new wave of digital artists. 18 years later, he was given the chance to co-ordinate a small team for part of Anca Damian's animated feature "Magic Mountain" (2015). Ever since this experience, he has focused his work on animation.

    Country: Romania

    Year of production: 2016

    Running time: 15 min 05 s

  • Technique

    Category: Short film

    Techniques used: Animated objects, Drawing on paper, 2D Computer, 3D Computer

    Process: Colour

    Target public: Adults

  • Credits

    Directed by: Sergiu NEGULICI

    Production: ABIS STUDIO, Adriana IONICA

    Artistic direction: Sergiu Negulici

    Script: Sergiu Negulici, Manuela Marcovici, Ioana Nicoara

    Animation: Sergiu Negulici, Manuela Marcovici, Ioana Nicoara, Alex Boncea, Razvan Dit, Anca Adascalitei, Ruxandra Corduneanu, Lu Pop

    Music: Vlaicu Golcea

    Sound: Tudor Petre

    Editing: Adriana Ionica