Cinéma d’animation, la French Touch

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Laurent Valière is putting on an outdoor exhibition to celebrate the release of his book entitled "Cinéma d’animation, la French Touch".

Laurent Valière has paid a beautiful tribute to French animation in writing this highly illustrative book. Published by Éditions de La Martinière and Arte Éditions, with support from the Gan Foundation for Cinema, the book takes readers inside the history and behind the scenes of the French animation world.

This exhibition offers a condensed version of the book, which gives an overview of animation in France from the very beginning. Come check it out and find out why France’s creativity and inventiveness has been able to travel the world!

Although the exhibition is temporary, the "French Touch" is here to stay!

Admission info

Open to all

When and where ?

    • Monday 12 June → Saturday 17 June
    • 09:00 → 23:00
    • Le Pâquier
    • ?
      Open to all