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Google Spotlight Stories Presents: Animation Everywhere!

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Google Spotlight Stories started with an idea – do something emotional on a phone.

Five years, 15 shorts, multiple Annies, an Emmy, and an Oscar nomination behind us, we continue to put animation in new places – 360, VR, AR, and more – on a variety of screens and platforms, bending tech in new directions to simply tell a story.

Join us for a discussion and a look at our latest news, featuring Jan Pinkava, John Kahrs, Céline Desrumaux, Fx Goby, Hélène Leroux and Karen Dufilho.


  • Karen DUFILHO
    Karen DUFILHO

    Executive Producer
    Google Spotlight Stories


    Creative Director
    Google Spotlight Stories

  • Helene LEROUX
    Helene LEROUX

    Director, Back to the moon
    Google Doodles

  • François-Xavier (FX) GOBY
    François-Xavier (FX) GOBY

    Director, Back to the moon
    Nexus Studios

  • John KAHRS
    John KAHRS

    Director, Age of sail

  • Celine DESRUMAUX
    Celine DESRUMAUX

    Production Designer, Age of sail

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