This Magnificent Cake! – Make it Soul

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This screening event is composed of two screenings: the medium-length film "This Magnificent Cake!", followed by the short film "Make it Soul" in a world premiere.

The start of this screening will be the opportunity to discover This Magnificent Cake!. Directed by Marc James Roels and Emma De Swaef, this medium-length film is made up of several parts and tells the story of five characters in colonial Africa in 1886: a worried king, an ageing pygmy, a failed businessman, and a young deserter.

Then, in a world premiere, the short film Make it Soul by Jean-Charles Mbotti Malolo will be screened. In December 1965 in Chicago, the Regal Theatre welcomes James Brown and his band, with the exceptional participation of Solomon Burke, the self-proclaimed King of Rock & Roll. However, there can only be one King, both behind the scenes and on stage.

Admission info

Open to all badgeholders by reservation and single admission ticket sales for the general public