Women in Animation (WIA) and Les Femmes s'Animent (LFA): Supporting Animation Students

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We will discuss how to handle the high volume of female students, many from abroad, and the cultural and technical challenges in animation schools.

How can we be more supportive of the unique needs of female and non-binary students entering the workplace?

We will share some sound practices and ideas of how to make students feel like they already belong to the industry’s community they are trying join after school.

Session in English



  • Hsiang Chin MOE
    Hsiang Chin MOE

    Director of Operations / Chair
    School of Visual Arts , NYC

  • Deb STONE
    Deb STONE

    Director, Recruiting and Talent Development

  • Michelle Ann NARDONE
    Michelle Ann NARDONE

    Director of the Bachelor in Animation and CG Arts


  • Brendan BURCH
    Brendan BURCH

    CEO / Chair of Students
    Six Points Harness / Women in Animation

Admission info

Open to Mifa badgeholders, first come, first seated

When and where ?

    • Monday 10 June
    • 13:00 → 14:00
    • Impérial Palace Salle de l'Europe
    • ?
      Open to Mifa badgeholders, first come, first seated