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Virtual Production and Real-time: Is it (Finally) Time to Get Excited? Production Organisation

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Real time, previz on set... Real-time engines are on the up and up.

But are they really animation's new Swiss knife? What are the technical limitations of such tools? Can they really adapt to all kinds of production?

Some answers through case studies and potential examples.


  • Kaya JABAR
    Kaya JABAR

    Virtual Production Supervisor
    The Third Floor

  • Sixtine PIRAT
    Sixtine PIRAT

    Développeuse Pipeline
    Teamto Studio

  • Nicky GOGAN
    Nicky GOGAN

    Executive Producer & Head of Development
    Piranha Bar

  • Isabelle RIVA
    Isabelle RIVA

    Head of Made With Unity
    Unity Technologies Inc

  • Jean-François SZLAPKA
    Jean-François SZLAPKA

    Directeur Général


  • Stéphane MALAGNAC
    Stéphane MALAGNAC

    Prop'ose Communication

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