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Tribute to Japanese Animation: Kôji Yamamura: "Mt. Head", and afterwards?

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A look back at the last 15 years of creative works by this animation genius

Currently a member of the Annecy Festival jury, Koji Yamamura revealed his incredible talent to the world back in 2003. Winning awards at the world’s most prestigious film festivals, from Annecy to the Oscars by way of Animafest, his short film Mount Head shocked the world of animation. A world that Koji Yamamura continues to shake up more than fifteen years later through one artistic project and collaboration after another, in Japan and around the world. Solo projects, choice partnerships with Shôchiku or ONF, mini-series developed with poet Arthur Bindar, ads, book illustrations, and the list goes on. Here is a look back at the last fifteen years of creative works by this tireless animation genius.

"If I had to name one country with a true culture of animation, it would definitely be Japan." A seemingly obvious declaration made by French director Georges Lacroix in 1999, the year when the Annecy Festival celebrated Japanese animation for the very first time. Twenty years later the Festival pays homage to this truly singular cinematographic style through both a retrospective and a look to the future to reveal several hidden gems still relatively unknown in the West.

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  • The Old Crocodile

    Japan - Koji YAMAMURA

  • Fig

    Japan - Koji YAMAMURA

  • Kafka Inaka Isha

    Japan - Koji YAMAMURA

  • Kodomo no keijijogaku

    Japan - Koji YAMAMURA

  • Muybridge's Strings

    Canada - Koji YAMAMURA

  • Tsuru shitae waka kan

    Japan - Koji YAMAMURA

  • micro story: Somewhere New

    Japan - Koji YAMAMURA

  • micro story: City_Lights_and_Starlight

    Japan - Koji YAMAMURA

  • Kojiki Hyuga hen

    Japan - Koji YAMAMURA

  • five fire fish

    Japan, Canada - Koji YAMAMURA

  • Begone Bell Care

    Japan - Koji YAMAMURA

  • Notes on Monstropedia

    Japan - Koji YAMAMURA

Admission info

Open to Festival and Mifa badgeholders