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L’Île de Black Mór

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Follow the adventures of Kid, a solitary orphan with a pure heart, one of these characters so distinctive of Jean-François Laguione’s filmography.

Jean-François Laguionie’s third feature tells of the quest of a teenager with his head in the clouds, and is set to a fresh and personal graphic style.

Off the coast of Cornwall in the southwest of England at the beginning of the nineteenth century, Kid is fed up with his nightmarish existence at the orphanage. He manages to escape, taking with him the map of a mysterious treasure island that has fallen from a book about the adventures of the notorious Black Mor, a pirate the young lad identifies with.

He steals the coastguards’ boat and, in the company of a motley crew, he sets sail in search of the island. On a quest for his own identity as much as for the famous treasure, Kid must endure violent storms and many trials and tribulations during his initiation into piracy, where he discovers life and a taste for freedom.

A coming-of-age adventure that lines up perfectly with "The Poetic Worlds of Jean-François Laguionie" exhibition devoted to the filmmaker at the Musée-Château.


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