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36,000 Years Later

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Visit the Chauvet-Pont d’Arc cave thanks to a collection of animated films created by artists from the Folimage studio.

36,000 Years Later is a programme of 15 short films that were created from the filmmakers’ immersive visit to the Chauvet Cave, listed as a UNESCO world heritage site in 2014.

The collection brings together the rich imagery that came out of the incredible encounter between the first artists in humanity and these modern creatives who were mesmerized by their ancestors.

The outcome that is presented for your appreciation is a fertile and generous dialogue that has travelled through time and space. A few of the latest short films from Folimage will also be shown to complement the programme.


  • Ascension

    France - Sylvie LÉONARD

  • Camera obscura

    France - Izù TROIN

  • Peinture fraîche

    France - Antoine LANCIAUX, Sophie ROZE

  • Bjørn

    France - Morten Riisberg HANSEN

  • Evolution

    France - Susanne SEIDEL

  • ÏA

    France - Hefang WEI

  • Graines

    France - Christophe GAUTRY

  • Je ne fais que passer

    France - Pierre-Luc GRANJON

  • L'Âge du charbon

    France - Benoît RAZY

  • Les Pieds sur terre

    France - François LIGNIER

  • Nature humaine

    France - Izabela BARTOSIK BURKHARDT

  • Prélistorique

    France - Émilie SENGELIN

  • Silhouettes

    France - Benoît CHIEUX

  • Waves

    France - Jean-Charles MBOTTI MALOLO

  • Dessins désanimés

    France - Youri TCHERENKOV

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