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Kirikou and the Men and Women

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With this third opus dedicated to the Kirikou character, Michel Ocelot shows he’s capable of reviving a big hit.

There were so many stories to tell about Kirikou, that after Kirikou and the Sorceress and Kirikou and the Wild Beasts, Michel Ocelot made Kirikou and Men and Women.

Once again, Kirikou’s grandfather welcomes us into his blue cave to tell us his untold stories. There are still several great memories from Kirikou’s childhood to share, like the times when he helped the men and woman from his village and from elsewhere…

Here, he tells us how Kirikou used his bravery and intelligence to rescue the Big Woman from Karaba. He tells of how the little hero found the Old Grumbler who got lost in the Savanna, then how a female griot threatened by the witch was able to share her knowledge with the villagers. We also discover the secret of a mysterious blue monster and thanks to a flute passed down through his family, Kirikou learns the powerful magic of music.

There are five stories to eat up about the adventures of Kirikou, the smallest and bravest hero ever!


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