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French Animation: The Mirror Effect – An Unexpected Account of French Animation

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Marco de Blois, curator and programmer at the Cinémathèque québécoise, set himself the task of seeking out and putting together a programme of rare pearls to celebrate French animation.

While creating this programme about little known animated films made in France, Marco de Blois pondered the question of what French animation would look like had Norman McLaren, director of such films as Begone Dull Care, Neighbours and Pas de deux, set up in France rather than Quebec.

Therefore, the audience will not be surprised to find coexisting in this one programme, engraving on film with Surprise Boogie, visual music with Symphonie printanière, films with special effects (Le Mobilier fidèle) or using chronophotography (Allegro ma troppo), and even some commercials as McLaren made a number of public service messages.

Marco de Blois worked with Baptiste Garnero from the CNC to compile this history of French animation that is sure to be full of surprises and a delightful visual experience.

Andrea Martignoni will be giving a live musical performance during the screening of Symphonie printanière.


  • Le mobilier fidèle

    France - Émile COHL

  • Publicité Michelin : Empreintes

    France - Jean MINEUR

  • Allegro ma troppo

    France - Paul DE ROUBAIX

  • Michelin X

    France - Étienne RAÏK, Jean-Pierre RHEIN

  • Youki

    France - Peter FÖLDES

  • Renaissance

    France - Walerian BOROWCZYK

  • Surprise Boogie

    France - Albert PIERRU

  • Le Fantôme de l'infirmière

    France - Michel LONGUET

  • Symphonie printanière

    France - Henry VALENSI

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