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A bunch of crazy zombies will be invading Annecy 2017 for the Festival’s opening ceremony with "Zombillenium", the 3D adaptation of Arthur de Pins’ graphic novel.

Regarded as one of the most innovative graphic novels of its time, Zombillenium is the product of the vivid imagination belonging to French graphic novelist Arthur de Pins.

Chocked full of laughs and featuring a cast of kooky characters, Zombillenium has become a huge success, leading its author to go from strip to screen, which is sure to delight all his fans. With help from co-director Alexis Ducord, this is Arthur de Pins’ first foray into feature filmmaking.

Set to hit French cinemas on October 18th, the original screenplay was written especially for the big screen. Executive producer Henri Magalon explains that: "The idea was really to create a piece of family entertainment with zombies, which is certainly not very common".

Nobody knows, but the Zombillenium theme park happens to be full of real monsters! When a human, Hector, threatens to disclose the true identity of the park's employees, the vampire park manager has no other choice but to hire him. Hector must escape from his zombie, werewolf and vampire co-workers in order to see his daughter or he risks ending up as the park's prize attraction.

Set to music by French band Skip the Use, this family comedy will be opening Annecy 2017, as well as competing in the feature competition, presenting the perfect opportunity to measure the full extent of the Zombillenium phenomenon!