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China, Art in Motion

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China, Art in Motion, invites you to take a trip to a China wavering between traditions and modern advances.

Hosted by Festival partner the Château d’Annecy, this exhibition presents a review of the Chinese contemporary art scene through a journey into the heart of some of the most singular and forceful works created by young artists.

Recognised as being of national interest by the French Ministry of Culture, the exhibition has been acknowledged for its scientific importance as well as the innovative nature of its cultural and educational approach.

Guest country honoured by the Festival this year, China is also taking over the museum at the Château d’Annecy for an exhibition that is presenting its traditional and current animation. Contemporary art and animation merge and the works can be read like testimonies to the intense economic and cultural changes that have affected the country. China is now a fertile ground for artistic creation that inspires many artists who are inventing their own styles via moving images while also juggling artisan traditions, contemporary art and international ambitions.

The exhibition spans five rooms, navigating between the cultural, historical and social foundations of China (room 1), and its various artistic sources and influences (room 2). It also showcases Chinese artists’ affinity for drawing (rooms 3 and 4) and presents artistic experiments (room 5) from an array of talented artists, eager to show off their personal vision of a China oriented towards modernity, but faithful to its traditions.

There will also be an exceptional performance installation taking place during the Festival by established artist Sun Xun, who will be breaking out of his habitual screen to release his creative effervescence onto the exhibition walls in a real-time fresco.

Check out the press kit for full details of this exhibition.

An opening reception will be held on Tuesday 13th June, 7 pm (by invitation or Festival badgeholders)

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