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Spike & Mike's Sick and Twisted Animation Festival (Midnight Specials)

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After celebrating its 40th birthday during the 2017 Festival, the over-the-top "Spike and Mike's Sick and Twisted Animation Festival" is back!

The Midnight Specials are a part of the Annecy Festival special programmes for the second year! These night-time screenings are exclusively for a mature audience and they present the dark, spicy, off-the-wall, extravagant, sexy and crazy!

With a keen eye for spotting the obscure and an incomparable flair for knowing if a film will be able to stimulate the audience, Spike and Mike were behind the launch of the biggest names in animation and they also took part in the creation of Beavis and Butthead, Wallace and Gromit, and Happy Tree Friends among many others. Discovering collections of unusual films is a part of their art, thus allowing them to propel this festival directly to the summit of the reference point for short films!

Once again this year, we are proud to present this new selection to you!



  • Happy Tree Friends

    USA - Kenn NAVARRO

  • Meet Buck

    France - Denis BOUYER, Yann DE PREVAL, Vincent E SOUSA, Bruno ORTOLLAND

  • Bloody Date

    Japan - Takena NAGAO

  • The Bookworm

    USA - Richard WILEY

  • Slurp

    France - Pedro PILLOT, Juan Pablo DE LA ROSA, Chloé PLAT, Paul AUTRIC

  • Grandma's Hero

    Denmark - Corentin MONNIER, Ben OZERI

  • Fresh Guacamole

    USA - PES

  • Daisy

    USA - Rohitash RAO

  • Puppet

    USA - Patrick SMITH

  • Maakies: Dinky the Crow Gets a Job


  • Graveyard Jamboree with Mysterious Mose

    USA - Mark CABALLERO, Seamus WALSH

  • Captain Awesome: The Rumble in the Concrete Jungle


  • Red Shirt Landing Party

    USA - Rich MOYER

  • Pincess Puppy Sunshine


  • Ed

    Canada - Neyestani TAHA

  • cthupid

    Italy - Giovanni BRAGGIO

  • Life Smartphone

    China - Xie CHENGLIN

  • Big, Fat, Dumb, Stupid Baby

    Canada - Davis DONAR

  • Negative Space

    France - Max PORTER, Ru KUWAHATA

  • Cooped

    USA - Mike A. SMITH

  • Cop Dog


  • Quiet Log Time

    USA - Breehn John BURNS

Admission info

Open to Festival and Mifa badgeholders