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The Prince's Voyage

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Jean-François Laguionie, alongside co-director Xavier Picard, introduces us to his latest feature film.

Jean-François Laguionie is back at the Annecy Festival with his latest creative work, designed in close collaboration with Armelle Glorennec from Blue Spirit Productions. Alongside co-director Xavier Picard, Jean-François Laguionie will present The Prince’s Voyage, a sort of sequel to A Monkey’s Tale, twenty years after.


As a kind of travel diary, the film starts with a Prince run aground on an unknown shore. Young Tom finds the Prince injured and lost, and brings him to his parents, two researchers in exile. With young Tom as his guide, the Prince enthusiastically and with fascination discovers this community, even if it seems so somber and stuck in its ways.

Don’t wait to see this philosophical tale that borders on the poetic.


  • Jean-François LAGUIONIE
    Jean-François LAGUIONIE


  • Xavier PICARD
    Xavier PICARD


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  • Marcel JEAN
    Marcel JEAN

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