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The Creative Innovation Lab: Bringing the Cultural and Creative Industries Together Through Digital

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In a world that is more open, the intersection of people between industries and disciplines can bring about new ideas, enhance creativity, and lead to new innovations.The cultural and creative industries are no exception.

As distinctions become more blurred through the digital shift it becomes paramount to experiment beyond the boundaries of one's own industry. What if we could bring these industries together to explore what is possible? What if we take some of Europe's leading industries and give them a playground to experiment?

For many years, we've worked in silos. The film industry meets in Cannes, Berlin and Venice, the animation industry in Annecy, book publishers in Frankfurt to mention only a few examples. The synergies between EU programmes also need to be increased. Think Creative Europe for content and Horizon Europe for technology as examples.

But what happens if we bring these worlds together? What we need at a European level is to change the mindset when faced with the challenges that the digital shift presents. What new creative content, services, products, and business models can be developed and integrated across the whole value chain for the European content industries to flourish? How can the animation industry bring together the different sectors and act as the glue that binds everything together?

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