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Tribute to Japanese Animation: A Board Overview of Contemporary Japanese Animation

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A concentration of independent creative works from both up-and-coming and well-established directors.

A wide range of recent contemporary, independent, and creative Japanese animated films, with a few forays into experimental animation. The program includes creations from directors on the rise (Moe Koyano and Onishi Keita) and students (Isaku Kaneto, Hashiji Misuzu), along with the latest works from experienced filmmakers such as Eiichi Yamamoto and his famous short, One Arm, co-directed with Gisaburo Sugii.

Marcel Jean, the Festival’s Artistic Director, describes these as a selection of “eclectic” films that everyone should see.

"If I had to name one country with a true culture of animation, it would definitely be Japan." A seemingly obvious declaration made by French director Georges Lacroix in 1999, the year when the Annecy Festival celebrated Japanese animation for the very first time. Twenty years later the Festival pays homage to this truly singular cinematographic style through both a retrospective and a look to the future to reveal several hidden gems still relatively unknown in the West.

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  • Locomotor

    Japan - Isaku KANEKO

  • One Day

    Japan - Moe KOYANO

  • Kataude

    Japan - Eiichi YAMAMOTO, Gisaburo SUGII

  • Pachelbel's Canon

    Japan - Keita ONISHI

  • Nocturnal Roadwork

    Japan - Misuzu HASHIJI

  • Scripta volant

    Japan - Ryo ORIKASA

  • Down Escalation

    Japan - Shunsaku HAYASHI

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