BackOff-Limits Short Films in Competition

  • A Year Along the Geostationary Orbit

    A Year Along the Geostationary Orbit

    Directed by: Felix DIERICH

    Country: Germany

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  • But One Bird Sang Not

    But One Bird Sang Not

    Directed by: Pierre HÉBERT

    Country: Canada

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  • Dont Know What

    Dont Know What

    Directed by: Thomas RENOLDNER

    Country: Austria

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  • L'Espace commun

    L'Espace commun

    Directed by: Raphaële BEZIN

    Country: France

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  • Leaking Life

    Leaking Life

    Directed by: Shunsaku HAYASHI

    Country: Japan

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  • Matter and Motion

    Matter and Motion

    Directed by: Max HATTLER

    Country: Hong Kong

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  • Mustererkenntnis


    Directed by: Thorsten FLEISCH

    Country: Germany

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  • Unsettled


    Directed by: Tara KNIGHT

    Country: USA

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