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Press release - 29th February 2016

Celebrating 130 Years of Alliance Between France and Korea in Animation!

Annecy 2016

On 4th June 1886, France and Korea signed a treaty of friendship, trade and navigation, establishing the first diplomatic relations between the two countries. An emblematic event has been organised to celebrate the 130th anniversary of this relationship: The Year of France-Korea 2015-2016.

Korean Animation in the 21st Century

Annecy 2016 is taking this opportunity to review recent productions from this country with such a rich and diverse cultural tradition.

To be featured at Annecy: a feature film, a WIP Feature, short films ..."that testify to the emergence of new authors, invigorating explorations of form and an admirable technical expertise", says Marcel Jean, Artistic Director.

Screening of Seoul Station

"Director Sangho Yeon will be back in Annecy for the third time with Seoul Station, a deeply original feature film, where horror and social realism are blended brilliantly. The Festival's selection team was highly enthusiastic about this film that represents the modernity and singularity of Korean animation. We think it will be a highlight in the Official Selection."

Marcel Jean

The Shaman Sorceress

This will also be a great opportunity to discover some first footage during a Work in Progress Feature session from The Shaman Sorceress (based on the book with the same name, written by Don-lee Kim in 1936, this piece of literature was acclaimed throughout the world for its sharp depiction of chaos during the modernisation of Korea. The story was nominated for the Nobel Literature Prize in 1982).

Jae-hoon Ahn, the Director, states: "Different religions are still clashing around the world. The film explores why people adhere to religion and the meaning of it all by telling a story of an indigenous religion and external one that cause conflict within a family."

Two 72-minute programmes

A chance to see short films such as Dust Kid by Yumi Joung (2009), The Father by Lim Choi (2009), Love Games by Yumi Joung (2012), A Monster in the Reservoir by Sung-gang Lee (2012), Serenade by Han-bit Lee (2010) or Man on the Chair by Dahee Jeong (2014).

A look back at Korean Animation

Emergence of female filmmakers

The past 15 years have seen the emergence of female filmmakers with strong visual character who share their rich and surprising universes: Sae-byul Hwangbo, Yumi Joung, Dahee Jeong… These young women have placed themselves amongst the most important authors in contemporary animation.

Korean animation schools highlight new talent

In parallel, Korean animation schools have revealed several unique talents. To name a few, Hye-won Kim (Eden, Hong-ik University at Jochiwon), Yong-hae Ahn (Crack, KAFA - Korean Academy of Film Arts) and Han-bit Lee (Serenade, KNUADIS - Korea National University of Arts).

Filmmakers worth knowing…

"Finally, we've seen some buzzworthy directors making feature films: Sangho Yeon (King of Pigs; The Fake; Seoul Station), Sung-gang Lee (Mari Iyagi) and Baek-yeop Sung (Oseam)."

Marcel Jean

Make way for some fresh and inspiring Korean animation!

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