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Create a buzz by associating your name to a major international event and by becoming a partner or advertiser with the Annecy Festival and its Market.

Create a buzz

By associating with the Festival or Mifa, you are guaranteed media coverage on a regional, national and international scale to talk about your brand to the general public and industry professionals. You will be able to take advantage of the reputation of this event that brings together over 11,000 delegates, including 3,500 professionals, and attracts over 115,000 visitors.

Become an Annecy Festival partner

Set up a partnership with the Annecy Festival and Market to:

  • show off your business personality
  • meet up with a significant target of professionals and the general public
  • make the event's values your own
  • broaden your competitive edge
  • benefit from the event's media coverage
  • guarantee an impact on a regional, national and world-wide scale

Check out the special partnerships Create a Buzz catalogue to find out the different advertising mediums available (print, Web, event and parties).

Download Create a Buzz

Become an Annecy Festival advertiser

Discover the advantages of investing in advertising space for the Annecy Festival and Market:

  • guarantee visibility with 11,700 participants and the general public
  • confirm your visit and communicate latest news to key decision-makers, professionals, creatives, students and the general public
  • take advantage of the event's media coverage to promote projects, productions or skills
  • target your public using a great range of adapted mediums
  • associate your name with a benchmark event for the industry and creation on a global scale

Check out the special Create a Buzz – Become an Advertiser catalogue to find out the different advertising mediums available (print, Web, event and parties) and the corresponding costs.

Download Create a Buzz

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