In accordance with the measures to combat the Covid-19 epidemic, the on-site Annecy Festival 2020 edition is cancelled.
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Annecy 2020 FAQ Modifications


In accordance with the measures to battle against the Covid-19 epidemic the Annecy Festival 2020 on-site edition is cancelled.

For this 2020 edition, the Annecy International Animation Festival and the Mifa are providing access to their content in a new and unique form, which will take place from 15th to 30th June exclusively online: Annecy 2020 Online.

 Annecy 2020 Modifications

01 - I bought an accreditation to attend Annecy 2020. Will I get a refund?

Yes, Annecy Festival will refund the accreditation's full amount without any administrative fees. If payment was carried out with a credit card, this was automatically credited. If the payment was carried out by a bank transfer, please send us your bank details and postal address to

02 - When will I be refunded?

Purchases made by credit card have been refunded: the credit card used for the purchase has been automatically credited since mid-April.
The refund will appear on your account under the title "Annecy Festival".

03 - I bought a Pass grand public for Annecy 2020, will I lose my year's advantages?

No. The Pass was refunded in full, but those who bought it will be able to benefit from the advantages all year long.

04 - I transferred my accreditation to a friend. How does the refund work?

The refund was sent to the person who paid for the accreditation.

05 - I am an exhibitor, or was accredited through a stand, what happens to my accreditation?

The confirmed and paid (partially and fully) stands and umbrellas can choose to carry their contract over to the 2021 Mifa edition. Their stand will be kept, and affiliated persons will be able to register again. If you prefer to cancel, the stand will be refunded in full and accreditations cancelled. For more information please contact the Mifa department directly.

06 - Is the Annecy 2020 edition completely cancelled?

No. The Annecy 2020 Online event is scheduled for 15th to 30th June 2020.

07 - Will the Annecy 2020 Official Selection be announced?

Yes, the Official Selection is revealed by category on an ongoing basis.

08 - When will we have the Annecy 2020 online programme?

End of April.

09 - Which events that were planned for 2020 will be re-programmed for 2021?

The tribute to animation from the African continent, and the Annecy Festival's 60th anniversary, will be programmed into the 2021 edition.

10 - What are the dates for the Annecy Festival 2021 edition?

The Annecy Festival and the Mifa will take place from 14th to 19th June 2021.

11 - Do you have answers to all your questions?

For any other questions concerning accreditations, please contact
For any other questions concerning refunds, please contact